Hype Mimez

New England's Only Collegiate Mime Troupe

Current Mimez 

Brooke Weber (2013) - 
Brooke joined HYPE! her first semester freshman year. For her, college has always been synonymous with miming! Exchanging speaking roles in Is He Dead? (Cecilia) and Macbeth (Ross, Witch, Lady Macduff) for silent theatre, Brooke is just glad she can play a dead dog and a groovy rock. 

Nicknames: Floppy Adventurer, Glutie Bootie, Brookles

Fun Fact: Can say truthfully that termites indeed taste like carrots.

Madeline Hall (2013)-

Madeline is a senior mime from the great state of Illinois with a whole lotta gumption with nothing to lose! Getting into Hype! in the spring of her sophomore year was one of the most significant events of her college career, and ushered in the Era of Good Feelings. Majoring in International Relations with a focus on the Middle East, Madeline loves uniting disparate interests and baffling people with inconsistency. A Turcophile and Midwesterner at heart, Madeline also adores everything mime and couldn't be more grateful to have these goons in her life.

Nicknames: Witty Dame, Murderloins 

Fun Fact: Madeline has run across the continental divide. 

Nadav Hirsh (2013) - 

Nadav is a senior from the woods of William Penn. When he is not being silent as a mime, he is a loud-mouthed drama major and language-obsessed linguistics minor. He has spent much of his college life happily spending his time with the troupe since joining in the fall of 2010. He is also the proud recipient of the “Most In-Unison” member of HYPE! and works each day to live up to the title. His other hobbies include drinking tea, collecting tea, using teapots, and talking to people about tea. He loves HYPE! with all his heart and is so honored to be part of such a talented group of people.

Nicknames: Naderv, Nardarv

Fun Fact: Did you know Nadav likes tea? 

Ryan Willison (2013) -
Ryan is a senior International Relations major from Orange County, California. So, naturally, Mischa Barton is his best friend. His previous performances include Measure for Measure (Duke Vincentio), Our Private Lives (Carlos), Hamletmachine (Hamlet), Assassins (John Wilkes Booth)Cinderella (Prince), and Little Shop of Horrors (Seymour). He hopes to one day realize his lifelong dream of having his very own Faberge egg. Until then, miming will do.

Nicknames: Introspective Thespian, Ry-Ry, Ry-Guy

Fun Fact: Ryan is legitimately terrified of swimming alone ever since he saw Jaws. Even in pools. He wishes he were kidding.

Edwin Valentine "Trevor" Babbit (2013) - 

Trevor is an aspiring astronaut from fake-cape Massachusetts.  He spends his non-miming time attempting to finish his electrical engineering major.  Miming is Trevor’s second foray into theater, following his break out role in fifth grade as “The Dog Catcher” in the musical Annie.  Incidentally, this was Trevor’s only speaking role to date. 

He is a firm believer in the saying “third time’s the charm.” 

Nicknames: Trevor, Golden-Hearted Bro

Fun fact: He used to believe he was the reincarnation of his parents’ first dog.

Abby Setterholm (2014) - 

Abby enjoys being the only member of the Hype! class of 2014. A mime since the fall of her sophomore year, Abby has enjoyed getting her silly on with this increasingly crazy bunch of hooligans. When not miming, Abby is probably out stage managing, reading about genocide and post-conflict situations, or showing people pictures of her wonderful travel adventures.  

Nicknames: Task-oriented Companion Cube, The Short One

Fun Fact: Abby began Irish Dancing at the age of 5.

Drew Page (2015) - 
Hailing from the nicest state in the US (Minnesota!), Drew is a sophomor Psychology Major hoping to minor in Drama and/or English. Last semester he was seen in Day Father (Father) and even more recently, he directed the Torn Ticket II Spring Major A Year with Frog and Toad! Drew is happy to be in Hype for his 3rd semester, and also made this website! He hopes you've enjoyed it so far and welcomes any suggestions for additions.

Nickname: Baby Goon, Sensitive Drummer Boy

Fun Fact: Drew has a Wheaties box signed by Michael Jordan in his bedroom

Erica Rigby (2015) - 
ERICA (Mime/ Other hidden identities) is most grateful for her parents who adopted her as an infant from the Chenafa Orphanage in Lebanon. These guardians, a kind birth control tycoon and coffin manufacturer, fed her magnesium throughout her infancy and she since lived a privileged life in rich, white suburbia, CT. At the tender of age of twelve, she became infected with leprosy and has since been orating across the nation to raise awareness about this degenerative disease. She rose to prominence in 2009 when she wrote an article for Vogue critiquing Sperry Topsiders for being “too bourgeois.” Her video documenting the adventures of a rotting deer went viral on Youtube last fall. Her wardrobe is admired, as she owns skirts that are reminiscent of a polygamist’s wife. Erica currently lives in Rigby hall situated on the Tufts Luxembourg campus and commutes daily in her private chrome jet. A widely known fact about Ms. Rigby is that the late and great Tiny Tim makes her quiver with lust*.

Nicknames: "Stomp the Yard", "The Lyingest Mime"

Fun Fact: Erica was so focused on fabricating almost every detail from the last paragraph, that she forgot to send Drew a real fun fact 

* Especially erogenous for her is his 1968 ukelele cover of “Livin’ in the Sunlight, Lovin’ in the Moonlight.”

Grace Oberhofer (2015) - 

Grace (class of 2015) is a music major with a love for drama and Italian. She enjoys performing in plays, musicals, and operas. She is also slightly narcoleptic. In her spare time, she likes to write songs, bake, and tap dance. She is so happy to be a part of Hype MimezZzzzzzzzz.....

Nicknames: Grace...

Fun Fact: Grace is allergic to raspberries. And sawdust. Also her brother is a rock star, but not actually, but kind of.

Kevin Criscione (2015) - 

Kevin hails from the swampy suburban Boston town of Bedford, Massachusetts, less than twenty minutes away from Tufts. In high, school, he participated in cross-country and track, theater, the slam poetry club, and choir. At Tufts he is a member of Theta Chi fraternity, a contributing writer to the Tufts Canon (the campus literary magazine), an on-and-off member of Tufts Free Compliments, and an active member of the Tufts filmmaking community. Sometimes, when he gets a little bit rowdy, he can transform himself into an orb of pure atomic energy, elevating his soul to a higher plane of existence where he is able to hear the subtle nuances of particle physics and live a hundred human life cycles in the time it would take for your or I to blink. He is presently studying English, with thoughts about minoring in Film and Philosophy. His culinary tastes include fried fish, sushi, vegetarian stir fry, and spaghetti. 

Nicknames: Kev, Kevdawg, What the Hell is That Bright Flying Orb OH MY GOD AAAHHHHH

Fun Fact: Contrary to popular belief, he is not narcoleptic. He just chooses to fall asleep mid-conversation. 

Artoun Festekjian (2016) - 

Artoun is a, what he thinks, funny freshman who is aspiring to be the most interesting man in the world. He hopes to be a double major in Biopsych and Drama, but that is definitely subject to change. His skill sets include sword fighting, intense archery, the hammer throw, and occasionally he dabbles in professional wrestling. He is really excited to be a mime and is ready to have all the fun!

Nickname: Artoun D-toon, Artud

Fun Fact: He likes Hummus. 

Makoto Yamamoto (2016) - 

Before joining HYPE! Makoto was not involved in any type of theatre or drama activity at all.  The most drama-like activity he was involved in was a role of monkey in mandatory play during first few years of elementary school. That’s why he is extremely excited for what his college life would be like with his exclusive experience with HYPE! As of this moment (January, 2013), getting into HYPE! is the one of the best things that had happened to him in college.

Nicknames: Mako, Mako-chan, Hotoke (Buddha)

Fun fact: His monkey face is currently ranked as “the best, and fearfully the most realistic monkey face presented by human beings” by his family members. So real his mom put banana on his plate the next morning….!

Nikki Shen (2016) - 

Nikki is a dolphin. Like, legitimately a dolphin. She has two fins and a blowhole and everything. She is ecstatic that she has been accepted into the (very prestigious in marine circles) performance group Hype, as she believes it to be a big step forward for delphinidae everywhere. Recent productions include The Who’s Tommy (Cynical Porpoise #4) and Cat On a Hot Tin Roof (Hot Tin Roof). In her free time, she enjoys long walks on the beach, wine tastings, and painting artistic nudes of her step-family.

Nickname: Eeeaaauhhhhhhiiiiiiöööieeee (translates roughly to “She Who Slays Aardvarks With No Hesitation” in English)

Fun Fact: Nikki is a pathological liar.

Tessa Barlow-Ochshorn - 

Tessa is a fresh-faced freshman from Brooklyn looking to make it big in the cutthroat world of collegiate miming! A lover of all things dramatic (she can flip a table with the best of them), this future drama/history double major has been doing theatre all her life, and was most recently seen in Measure for Measure (Escalus) on the Balch Arena stage. But don’t worry; Tessa has other interests, too! She loves haikus, cheese, and smiling at people she doesn’t know.

Nicknames/Awards: “Amnesiac Colombian”, “Tessa Barlow-Ochshorn”, “Most symmetrical face”

Fun Fact: Tessa can hold her breath for three minutes (or at least she used to be able to).