Hype Mimez

New England's Only Collegiate Mime Troupe

Hype - story

In 1852, Tufts University was founded by Charles Tufts, in Medford, Massachusetts. Sages have told tales of ancient lore, stating that Master Charles built his school on Walnut Hill, but in the process destroyed a grandiose palace, built by an ancient order of gifted performers, knowns as Hypus Andronicus. Amidst the tortured screams of architect, Frank Lloyd Hype, the Taj Mahype was torn from its spot on the hill, and covered  by the Aidekman Performing Arts Center. The elders of the order confronted Charles, and through an agreement that Charles believed to be a funny skit about college, the Hypus Andronicus were allowed to reside within the bowels of Aidekman. 

A group of mimes, found performing what experts refer to as "guerrilla miming"

Flash forward to the late 1900s. Hype resurfaced to the rest of the world in the form of end of semester shows, orientation shows, and the occasional gig at Club Oberon in Harvard Square. Audiences were at a loss for words. They couldn't believe how hilarious, sad, scary, and heartwarming contemporary miming could be. Set to music, Hype astounded audiences and kept them coming. Once every blue moon, mimes could be found walking around campus, through Davis Square, through Harvard Square. The next day, some claim to find the cannon painted with the beautiful scene of the Taj Mahype. Adults claim they can't see it, but the real believers tell testament of all the splendor of the Hypus Andronicus and their descendants, still miming today.